Yvette on October 28, 2012

We us women are really a complicated being…we have being program to be the mother the daughter the cook the server and then the worker to survive. Is crazy no? But we are strong at the same time when we suppose to be the week one….after all everything is ego….is really what it make us feel the way all this woman are showing…so, what to do? Just accept that…is not you, is your ego, the pain that you and I have accumulated for every reincarnation and observe your self, get inside who you really are, and mainly, to start with is you…….only you, loving yourself understanding and changing the patterns that we have done for so so long….are you tired. ? I am…what really is success? A having money? Having kids? Having a partners. Having plenty of money? So, ask yourself and then get inside and see who you really are…because once you and me love ourselfs then, and only then, we live our ego, and start understanding how we rally are G od -and that’s it…love you all…..