Tamara on December 4, 2012

Life is full of such wonderful awkward moments, always trying to please others with a smile… Very entertaining, I hope we rid ourselves of some of this fake bullshit in the future hahaha cuz I’m not a housewife yet  -Tammy

Lisa on December 4, 2012

So proud. Fabulous. Another great collaborative project!

Jeanie on October 29, 2012

Amazing collaboration! Very thought provoking and creative. Congratulations to the artists!

Gus on October 29, 2012

Awesome! But a real challenge for the male mind to follow.

Ester on October 29, 2012

A very engaging and provocative approach from an artis we already love…we actually can have everything at our own expense, no time for the cake!

Patricia on October 29, 2012

Thank you all for sharing your views and reactions to our installation, Anne-Marie Was Here. It is our hope that this conversation will continue and shed light on a subject that impacts women and those that share their lives around the world.

Patricia Schnall Gutierrez

Nora on October 29, 2012

My good friend Ivette told me about her experience Friday night with your amazing and powerful installation. These were the exact conversations we’d been having all week (and for the past couple of months). I had posted this on my Facebook page Friday night before Ivette messaged me about this project:

Is it not time, as women that we stand in our power to own our gifts and move forward to help/ heal/change the world? Are you not tired of the same stories that have ruled your life for decades? It’s so exhausting convincing women to invest in their own healing, growth and power….we need to own it, take a chance in ourselves to heal and shift it. Period. And we MUST start with ourselves.

Marcia Ramos-Perello on October 28, 2012

Congratulations to the three of you! An impressive piece, creative and fun…..a reflection of myself and most women I know….trying to achieve so many things in life the best way possible

October 28, 2012

What an elegantly aesthetic piece and installation. – loved the ambience of the alluring and perfect tea set and sculpture work with the pastries in contrast to the maybe the anxiety and discussion of the intense opinions of the women at the table, at first it’s inviting to sit down and then u have to come to the choice of where u stand internally and mentally – hence an inner reflection / realization especially when see your self in context and start to listen – u have to be open or pick from where u or if u relate to the many realities of being a woman. ( growth and progression for thought provocation. Also original approach to also combining contemporary video technology with a classic retro setting. Great work!

Debra on October 28, 2012

Very interesting to hear the contrasting views.

Ida on October 28, 2012

I loved it! The constant debate till you engage in the job,task outside home that you love and then no doubt about it! family and career both in fair proportions but both with full engagement. Congratulations


Yvette on October 28, 2012

We us women are really a complicated being…we have being program to be the mother the daughter the cook the server and then the worker to survive. Is crazy no? But we are strong at the same time when we suppose to be the week one….after all everything is ego….is really what it make us feel the way all this woman are showing…so, what to do? Just accept that…is not you, is your ego, the pain that you and I have accumulated for every reincarnation and observe your self, get inside who you really are, and mainly, to start with is you…….only you, loving yourself understanding and changing the patterns that we have done for so so long….are you tired. ? I am…what really is success? A having money? Having kids? Having a partners. Having plenty of money? So, ask yourself and then get inside and see who you really are…because once you and me love ourselfs then, and only then, we live our ego, and start understanding how we rally are G od -and that’s it…love you all…..

Paloma on October 27, 2012



Sergio On October 27, 2012

Great example of today’s Society, lets break the mold and be yourself.

Sandra on October 28, 2012
It seems they were all lying to themselves or trying to convince each other they are happy with their lives. Is this how we all sound…especially when we go to one of these dinner parties where we know we have to pretend all night we are okay… who are we lying to if not ourselves. But then… What kind of reaction we will get if we don’t pretend and say how it may suck sometimes? I’m afraid people don’t want to hear the truth and only want to hear how perfect our lives our…

Jennifer on October 28, 2012

I love this piece! I sat at the table and had a great discussion with another friend about, can you have it all? I think it is so hard to try and have it all”. Career, family, social life and time to yourself are many things we all have to juggle. We have to choose what works best for each of us and make it work, no judging others for what they choose to do. Great topic and if we would all discuss it more, I think better individual decisions can be made when we have a more supportive system for discussion.

Ashlee on October 28, 2012
I truly love this piece. It is every woman I know and love. So relevant. I think you three have (again) found something that is a part of women today- and you make me think and feel! And reflect- probably too much!!!! Why do we need to be perfect? Sigh. The kids the work the husband oops forgot me! Love you so much rpm!!! Thank you for expressing what we all feel inside

Giovanna on October 28, 2012
I loved the display I feel that it portrayed the strength and secrets that women live with each day, telling themselves that what they have decided is the right thing…repeating to themselves No regrets… It’s perfect…” But the truth that hides in their expressions and movements reveals what they truly feel. Women are almost made to be superwomen and be able to achieve so many this emotionally, physically, and consciously the challenge for all is to achieve balance and to be true to yourself.

Machi Maria on October 27, 2012

Having it all is very personal. For me having ALL is being independent, love my family but not to be attached to each individual of that family.

family to me are the people that I love and are close to. I do believe that if we practice non attachment we would really find happiness and we would be able to accept every single way of being a woman.

Tomas N on October 27, 2012

You girls finally managed to express how I feel when I sit down in the table with youAwesomeWould not know which threat to follow….

Love it